LaserDiscs   The following ARE 12 INCH LASERDISCS, NOT DVDs.
               They will NOT fit in your DVD player (or VCR)
               without being chopped up into little pieces. :)

               Note: Widescreen means that the top and bottom
               of the screen is blank when played on an older
               (4:3 aspect ratio) TV so that everything looks
               normal but only fills part of the screen vertically.
               On some of these, this can be annoyingly thin.
               On a modern 16:9 screen, it may not be as wasteful.
               All are NTSC, extended play (CLV).  This gets
               more material on a single LD, but means most
               special effects like freeze/pause or slow will
               not work on LD players without a frame store.

               $5 for single LDs; $7.50 for a 2 LD movie,
               $10 for a 3 LD movie, or as noted.  Or makee
               offer. :)

       SciFi (more or less):

              * Abyss
              * E.T.

       Assorted other LaserDiscs in good/playable condition in jacket.

              * American Gaffiti - 3 discs
              * Breeders
              * Bird on a Wire (Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn)
              * Born on the 4th of July (Tom Cruise) - 2 discs
              * Bustin Loose
              * Cliffhanger (Stallone) - Widescreen
              * Dances With Wolves (Kevin Costner) - 2 discs, widescreen
              * Decade of College Football
              * Explorers
              * Force 10 of Navarone
              * The Fugitive (Harrison Ford) - 2 discs
              * The Killing Fields - 2 Discs 
              * Lionel Richie:  All Night Longe
              * Little Shop of Horros (musical)
              * Mesmerized (Jodie Foster, John Lithgow)
              * Romancing the Stone (Michael Douglas)
              * Strong Kids, Safe Kids, a Family Guide
              * True Romance (Christian Slater) - 2 Discs
              * Urban Cowboy - 2 discs
              * Watermelon Man
              * Yellowbeard